A Launch and Recovery Element, or LRE, is where a pilot and payload operator launch and land the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Click to learn more. The satellite communications (SATCOM) terminal serves as the downlink point for all beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communications between the Ground Control Station (GCS) and the unmanned aircraft. Click to learn more. A Ground Control Station (GCS) is where the pilot and payload operator control the unmanned aircraft once it's been launched from the LRE and has left the line-of-sight. Click to learn more. The Squadron Operations Center (SOC) provides environmental situational awareness to the pilot and payload operator in the GCS. Click to learn more. The Video Hub receives video from the SOC then prepares full motion video and associated metadata for transmission over a global network to end users. Click to learn more. Imagery experts who receive the highest quality, secure video. Decision makers who receive situational awareness quality video. First responders and warriors who need video fast, transmitted through challenging environments.

The use of unmanned systems is quickly coming to the forefront for defenders and protectors around the world. Armed services, border protection agencies, and First Responders use unmanned system technology to mitigate risk and save lives. But the true challenge comes in knowing how to plan for and use technology—how to build and operate an integrated system that gets the end-user the data they need in real-time.

BOSH Global Services is here to make sure unmanned systems technology is always used to its fullest potential. Our team has the expertise and experience to support mission-critical unmanned systems, First Responder communications networks, video surveillance and intelligence systems on all levels, from concept of operations and system planning to operational support and management of retrieved data. We support the nation’s most important and elaborate unmanned systems as well as mission-critical smaller operations.

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