BOSH’s ISR Systems & Analysis team is comprised of highly trained and highly cleared subject matter experts that provide technical threat analysis and predictive analytics to support UAS programs. BOSH provides tactical Concept of Operations (CONOP) UAS platform support, along with highly specialized analysis of IMINT, MASINT, OSINT and SIGINT in coalition with tracking and moving data. BOSH analysts develop highly tactical procedures for sensor placement to allow for optimal data gathering and dissemination from the active UAS platforms it supports. The Company’s SMEs are critical to the employment of this capability. The vast majority of the personnel that comprise the ISR Systems & Analysis group have spent their entire careers around unmanned systems and operations/intelligence centers on active military bases. As a result, BOSH is able to provide the most advanced technological expertise related to system configuration and the prediction of mission threats, both of which position the Company to support future UAS operations and analysis requirements. Support services include:

  • System and network engineering and administration
  • Configuration management
  • System configuration management and documentation
  • Audio visual/video teleconferencing administration and support
  • Radio and data link technical and configuration support
  • Communications systems technical support
  • Subject matter expert assistance
  • Client support administration
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