BOSH’s systems engineers provide highly classified work for in-theater SpecOps warfighters. BOSH engineers provide extensive design and technology testing that assists forward-deployed special operations and intelligence teams, developing plans for mission integration and utilization. Its on-site engineering support teams assist in AOC weapons modernization and data analysis and dissemination on common ground system (CGS). Specializing in video distribution hubs, the Company provides DCGS support specifically catered to HD upgrades to existing distributed common ground system experimental (DGS-X) video feeds.

BOSH’s design solutions provide technical advancements of data visualization that improves quality, collaboration and situational awareness while reducing latency, bandwidth and the cost of sending this visual data around the world. The solutions further ensure lower cost-of-ownership by leveraging commercial, government-owned and open-source advances in the delivery and display of two-dimensional and three-dimensional data from real-time and recorded data.

Among the services we provide are:

  • User surveys to define end-user requirements
  • Engineering design
  • System acquisition
  • Coordination with agencies that use, touch and fund the system
  • System staging, installation, and final configuration
  • Documentation
  • Testing, training and user support
  • Application development and support
  • Geodatabase and SDI design, construction, and delivery
  • Data analysis (geo-processing and geo-portal services)
  • Data production (vector, raster, 2D, 3D, temporal, LiDAR, terrain)
  • FMV/GIS integration
  • Limited-bandwidth and OTH data communications solutions
  • Precision agriculture analysis and support
  • Multi- and Hyper-spectral image analysis
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