BOSH’s UAS flight operations team is comprised of highly experienced, multi-platform mission commanders and coordinators who are responsible for mission planning and the UAS flight operations worldwide. The Company provides OCONUS field service representatives who are deployed into combat zones and embedded with military troops. These field service representatives serve as mission coordinators, air vehicle operators and technicians to maintain all equipment on aircraft and ground control stations. With extensive experience in the most demanding combat environments, the BOSH UAS Operations & Training team has unmatched experience supporting military UAS flight operations.

In addition to its operations expertise, BOSH is a leading provider of UAS operator training programs. The entire BOSH training organization has prior experience focused on unmanned systems and offers DoD Group 1-3 UAS training and curriculum development for in-classroom and on-field instruction and simulation. The Company’s instructors work hands-on with their students to provide a high-fidelity training environment for optimal pupil development. All flight training programs and curricula involve actual UAS flight in addition to simulation training. Our services include:

  • UAS flight operations and maintenance
  • UAS flight operations and maintenance training and test support
  • Airspace and frequency coordination
  • Curriculum development
  • Classroom, hands on, and simulator instruction
  • UAS subject matter experts for special studies, concept of operations (CONOPS) and doctrine development, and senior level query response
  • Logistics management, including tracking status, configuration and movement and deployment of control stations and aircraft
  • Planning, scheduling and coordination of joint training to maintain operational readiness
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