BOSH provides video, network, geospatial and software engineering to deliver, extract and disseminate mission-critical information utilizing manned and unmanned ISR systems around the world. BOSH addresses systems from “sensor to eyeball” to deliver the latest video, metadata, imagery and aircraft telemetry data in formats such as high-definition video, short-wave infrared video and hyperspectral imagery.

BOSH’s highly specialized and technical teams provide frame-by-frame video dissemination in multiple formats while maintaining quality consistent among devices. Video dissemination allows UAS operations to be extended to every corner of the Earth. Developing next-generation video and network standards, the Company provides development and insertion of communications mission systems to forward-deployed teams, working closely with J6, J3 and J2. BOSH’s systems can deliver video in a variety of formats, including H.265, H.264, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2. Through metadata processing, the Company is able to correlate location, time and date stamps, camera azimuth and other situational awareness data with video and data feeds. Our team designs video delivery systems around those variables that best work for the end-user, including:

  • Available bandwidth — either terrestrial or satellite
  • Existing levels of operational support
  • Existing network infrastructures
  • Existing and planned video requirements
  • Current and next-generation video and network standards
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